Five or six years ago, when Hula and I met online, he sent me a boxed set of all the Twin Peaks episodes. The cover of each tape features one of the characters and lined up together, they spell out TWIN PEAKS in freaky letters with spooky stretched woods for a background.

This boxed set has been in storage since shortly after we moved in together, oh about four years ago. I nearly forgot we had it. Until we found it. Then I remembered.

I had to stop watching it to write this entry. Much like those reality shows (1900 House, Survivor, Real World, When Good Pets Go Bad), I can't get enough of Twin Peaks. It's not like I didn't watch this the first time around, it's not like I didn't watch it again when it went into summer reruns and it's certainly not as if I didn't watch it a third time when I got those tapes.

Twin Peaks is clearly the finest television receiver program ever created. EVER.

Well, up until the tape with Audrey on the cover (or the "PE" tape as I affectionately call it). That's pretty much as far as I got during the second and third viewings. Really, the entire concept falls apart after Leland confesses and I'm not sure why David Lynch continued. He MUST have had a good reason.

I'm committed to discovering this reason. During this fourth viewing, I refuse to let tapes "AK" and "S Space" be wasted. I'm going to watch every single episode WITHOUT fast forwarding through the Lucy and Andy parts, the Josie parts, the James and the hot blond babe parts and any other part that I previously fast forwarded through.

I will miss Maddy and Leland desperately. I will mourn for them. But life in Twin Peaks continues and they deserve my respect and attention. What happened with Donna and James? Did they get back together? I sort of remember Josie dying, but I can't be sure. Was the Major found? Did the Horn brothers return to their original glory? Did Leo come back to life? Why does Special Agent Dale Cooper stick around for another 15 episodes once the crime has been solved?

And Bob? What about Bob?

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