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Shame on me!


I promised to keep you posted and I failed! I did a lot of things these last ten days, but keeping you posted was not among them. I thought about keeping you posted, but that was about as far as I got. I am appropriately filled with shame and regret and now I am forced to turn to drink and roaming the streets late at night to assuage my guilty soul. Do you forgive me? Thanks in advance.

Okay, ready? Here we go. 

I'm still working. Yay! 

It rather sucks, however, and my boss is alienating me. Boo!

I found an excellent job that I am applying for. Yay!

They probably won't like me and will throw away my resume. Boo!

Hula has a promising job lead in New Orleans. Yay!

So far, nothing for me there. Boo!

We're taking a four-day road trip to a mystery location Thursday. Yay!

I have no idea how we are going to pay for it. Boo!

I went to the doctor and she found a lump in my throat. Yay!

Wait, that sounds pretty bad. Boo!

But the doctor didn't seem alarmed. Yay!

Nevertheless, first a biopsy and probably surgery will be required. Boo!

I went to see "Finding Nemo" this weekend. Yay!

I paid good money to watch a cartoon. Boo!

My cousin was part of the Special Forces unit that rescued Jessica Lynch. Yay!

I haven't heard back from him yet, but he's probably going to tell me I'm not allowed to share that wicked cool story. Boo!

I lost five pounds on the "lump in your throat" diet. Yay!

I gained six when I discovered milkshakes. Boo!

I had a half an hour to make an update for you tonight. Yay!

I didn't do my laundry. Boo!

If you want a postcard from the mystery location, send me your address tout de suite. If you think I have it already, I very well might, but you really can't be certain about something as important as that. I'm messy and disorganized. (Yes, thank you. I will avoid disclosing that nugget of personal information in the cover letter to the hiring manager at the place I'm applying to). (Wowee! Lookit all those prepositional phrases strung together, Ma!)

Wait. Before I end this entry, you need a photo. Well, you don't NEED one, need one, but you want one. I know your type.

Ouija giving me a dirty look because I was lounging on the couch with a large anthology of Cindy Sherman photos in my lap instead of him and yes, that's Hula there, entertaining me in the background but he made me cut off his head in the interest of privacy. You always get shafted in the interest of privacy. 


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