Dreaming of Lindsey Lohan

by sheverb on June 15, 2005

I absolutely have to stop taking naps in the evening–I just woke up on the couch feeling sluggish and drugged. Moments earlier, Lindsey Lohan had been on that very couch with me squealing and acting all girlie. She was immensely boring and had a laptop with access to the internet that she wouldn’t let me look at.


She insisted that this was the first time she had come over, but I told her, “This is going to sound stupid, but I swear I remember throwing the remote control at your head.”

“Oh my God! You did! I think they got that on camera!”

What was she talking about? While I remembered hurling a remote at her head with alarming accuracy and a satisfying THWOK, I don’t recall it being filmed. She then informed me we had been on the Real World together. And that the shows would begin airing soon.

WTF? I really didn’t remember that, but she fired up Explorer and showed me a site for Real World Mankato. Sure enough, my pictures were all over it, but I had my doubts. There was no way MTV filmed a season of anything in Minnesota–not enough bikini weather. Sensing an elaborate prank, I asked to see her laptop so I could check my site. If I really was on the Real World, I would have written about it here. And that’s when she got all snippy with me, telling me I couldn’t use her laptop.

Our relationship kind of fell apart after that. And then I woke up. And now I’m playing in a $1 tourney on PokerStars.

I’ve played one of these cheapies every night this week as I’ve needed a break from just barely breaking even over on FullTilt trying to grind out a bonus. I’m not finishing in the money, but when I do bust out, it’s when I have my money in with the best hand. The suckouts don’t hurt nearly as much when I haven’t made a terrible mistake.

Speaking of poker, this image was so large that I split it in half. Shrinking it down did not do justice to the expressions everyone’s faces. Look at the fun being had at this dealer’s choice game at the Plaza! Mostly we’re laughing at Iggy who had to stand on a chair PLUS two phone books to take this picture. Not an easy feat after all the alcohol that guy put away.

Here you see Poker Geek, Dr. Pauly–the finest reporter the WSOP has ever seen and on_thg. on_thg going for his chips with confidence. Watch out!

And here you see, wait a minute, Boy Genius and Derek ALSO going for their chips! I guess grabbing your chips for the camera must be a guy thing. Then there’s me, Alan and Al. Notice my huge stack and shot of Southern Comfort. This is also the table Alan wrote about where he cracked my pocket aces with a straddle and a straight on the river. AAH, ALAN! I WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!


Terry 06.15.05 at 11:49 pm

I was the guy in the 1 seat who was playing with you at the plaza…i left sort of early…but i just wanted to say hi and i hope you had a good trip. Nice playin’ with you.

sheverb 06.15.05 at 11:59 pm

I remember you. You were one of the great parts about that trip–walking up and asking if we were the bloggers. That was just so cool. Sorry you left before the photo!

Drizztdj 06.16.05 at 12:01 pm

I dream of Lindsay Lohan throwing other things at me in a non-PG 13 way :D
How did you get a pic of Al with a shot in front of him?

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