What I’m Doing . . . (or It’s All About The Gerunds)

by admin on June 17, 2007

Writing another extremely brief post that does not follow a narrative and does not incorporate complete sentences.

Getting sick again, this time without a fever but with a hearty cough and a husky Captain Janeway voice.

Wondering if my recent illnesses could be attributed to a nutritional deficiency caused by my inability to eat meat due to watching a This American Life TV episode about pig farming that wrecked me completely.

Composing an angry letter to Ira Glass. Not about pig farming, but about a recently aired This American Life radio show called “Duty Calls”. TAL has always artfully danced around the edges of smug and arrogant when their subject matter moved into dark, seedy themes that might be considered “shocking” to their “NPR” demographic. It is what they do and though sometimes transparent, I imagine it’s the only way they can communicate some subject matter to their target audience in a non-alienating and emotionally effective manner. But in the entire existence of that program (that program I have adored for many years), I have never before heard someone so unknowingly exploited as the alcoholic mother in the piece, “Duty Calls”. I have yet to finish listening to it because it was so disturbing to me. Maybe it gets better and maybe at the end the son explains himself and his selfish, self-serving conduct. I don’t know. I’ll finish the letter to Ira when I feel I can stomach finishing the episode.

Feeling very much like Christmas has been cancelled by not attending this summer’s poker blogger gathering in Vegas and missing out on all aspects of the 2007 WSOP.

Debating about writing of the woman I saw while driving to work the other day. The woman who, in the pouring rain, opened her car door, flipped the driver’s seat forward, and then tipped her bald-headed baby forward and stuffed him (her?) head-first into the backseat of her car. (While I, in utter shock and nearly causing a head on collision in the on-coming lane, realized at the last second that it wasn’t a baby, but a watermelon and a cantaloupe stacked together.)

Editing a goofy movie on my brand new MacBook Pro. It’s called “The Last Bradoween” and features Maudie dong naughty things to Pauly, as well as absolutely nothing about pig farming or exploiting someone’s alcoholic mom.

Waiting for the boys of summer to send me a photo! Poker bloggers are in Chicago this weekend and I was the recipient of a dial-a-shot tonight when I was told a photograph was staged outside the Music Box Theater. The Music Box Theater! One of my favorite places on this planet! I can’t wait to see it.

Music Box Theater