by admin on October 2, 2008

No lie: I was the Tunxis Chapter Junior Lawn Jart Champion in ‘75 and ‘76 (Handly Cup Style Rules). Would have held the title in ‘77 but my partner, June Hilpolt, claimed I punctured her big toe on purpose. (It was an accident, I assure you. Had she not been mooning over Billy Haddam and his new earth shoes, she would have seen me laying up and avoided interrupting my swing.) The judges ruled the incident an incomplete toss AND added a personal injury penalty to my permanent record, bringing my total to three. (Under Handly, you are only allowed three). My chance to go to Agawam for the championship was ruined and I never played Lawn Jarts again.

A few years later when we got to high school, the left side of June’s face was disfigured during a freak chemistry class accident involving chlorides, methyl alcohol and a cracked burette. For a long time, I kept her yearbook picture tacked to the wall in the back of my closet with a Jart.

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Daddy 10.02.08 at 6:15 pm

This I like.

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