Moon Shot & WSOP Coverage

by admin on May 30, 2009

Yes, another moon picture from my front yard. Was hoping it would be accompanied by the ISS passing by, but with unexpected cloud cover during what would be the money shot, it didn’t happen.

The Moon

Now, if the moon or space isn’t your thing, poker is. I know this because Google tells me so. The top three search words for this site are, “moon”, “space”, and, “poker”. And frankly, I can’t think of anything more fascinating to search on outside of “Pauly Uncircumcised” or “Amy Calistri Interracial”.

OK, the above is a flat out lie.

Most people find this site by searching on “hoyazo euthanized”, and “waffles cosmetic surgery”.

With that in mind, go read the latest WSOP coverage linked to below. I can guarantee you I have enjoyed an adult beverage or three with each and every writer represented. I hope that does not reflect badly on me.

Al Can’t Hang
Poker From the Rail
Dr. Pauly
Wicked Chops Poker
Poker Stars Blog
Ultimate Bet Blog

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Pat 06.06.09 at 12:41 pm

Hi There G.,
I’ve emailed you on an old email address I kept from you, and since I haven’t gotten a reply, we’ll try here. It’s Jack & Pat from an old reality show, and this concerns a website you were kind enough to initiate for him.
When you emailed us about “the website” Jack and I felt that we did not possess
the knowledge or expertise to undertake it. Thus, we let it pass, but I still check
it occasionally and am thrilled to see that it still exists. All of this is to say that we now
have a reason to try to find out about the site and how to take it over. (Jack has a book
coming out in August entitled “Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!”) Can you point us in
the right direction? We would appreciate it very much. This remains one of the nicest
things anyone ever did for Jack and we are in your debt.
Warmest regards,
Pat Owens

P.S. We LOVE the blog!!!

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