I hope I’m not psychic (again).

But just in case I am psychic, let me recount this extremely vivid dream I had last night about Flight 1746 (it might have been 1743) that crashed at LAX leaving no survivors.

In the dream, the major airlines were like television networks. They each had their own channel, equipped their planes with film crews, and broadcast their regular flights.

I don’t remember actually watching an episode of “Flight 1746″ (or 1743), but in the dream I knew it aired on Mondays and that I liked it. Unlike some other Flight shows that centered around people going on or returning from vacations, this one featured the same group of international business passengers on various occasions. And there was a funny French guy who had a crush on a flight attendant who secretly read Hegel behind the latest issue of Cosmo. I liked them.

What I do remember, is watching the news coverage of the crash of Flight 1746. I couldn’t stop looking at the smoldering wreckage, thinking holy shit! I just saw them all last night! I can’t believe the horrific fate of the French guy and that stewardess! He never even got to kiss her!

This is probably less a psychic premonition and more a twisted commentary on the proliferation of reality television programming and how the line between those shows and the news is becoming increasingly blurred. Well that and my fondness for tragic love stories. He never even got to kiss her!

In any event, those numbers really stood out. As did the LAX part. (I know what you’re thinking. Yes I did check my flight numbers for Las Vegas. 563 out and 564 back. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?)