Tonight is a speed update. I swear before God and Jesus and everything that is holy you will be properly updated this weekend. Honest 

The Eumenides
English Passengers
Poisonwood Bible
Back of a shampoo bottle
Startup.com (highly recommended)
Pearl Harbor (recommended only if IQ is close to Corky's from "Life Goes On")
A big storm outside

Today, I had an echocardiogram! This sucked. But it was accompanied by a dreamy Australian doctor who kept rubbing my back and telling me I was a "good gull" and was doing "okeye". The technician on the other hand could not get a decent picture. He said with a wink, "You have too much breast tissue." Instead of doing it the normal way, they had to hook me up to an IV and inject me with "contrast". Some kind of egg white and protein mix that lit up my heart like a Christmas tree.
In short, my heart is okay. It has a "wobble" but no blockage that might cause shortness of breath.

Next stop, pulmonology. 

[ If my web cam weren't acting up, you'd see a picture of my 
breast tissue. You don't know whether to laugh or cry, do you.]